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Bailey’s Backyard Springs Forward With Inventive Seasonal Menu

While any restaurant can pick up some kale from the farm stand down the road and call themselves “farm to table” (and technically, they’d have every right to do so), it takes a chef with true culinary expertise and a wild imagination to be able to create something truly unique – and Bailey’s Backyard’s Chef Forrest Pasternack does exactly that…with aplomb.  For Pasternack, farm-to-table isn’t a trend, it’s what he does.  

Updating Bailey’s seasonal menu, Pasternack digs into spring with a menu that showcases the season’s bounty in some rather unconventional ways.  At a recent tasting, I had an opportunity to sample twelve courses (yes, TWELVE – file that under #forgetdieting) that demonstrate Pasternack’s kitchen wizardry and ability to build complex layers of flavor from otherwise simple ingredients. Asparagus, zucchini, peas, and goat cheese are treated to a makeover and reclaimed in true Pasternack fashion – here’s a peek at the best of the best.

Not to be outdone, Pasternack’s sidekick, Bailey’s Backyard manager and resident cocktail alchemist, Bryan Walsh, provided samples of his infamous (and cleverly named) house-infused libations.

Bailey’s Backyard – 23 Bailey Avenue, Ridgefield, CT  06877