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At Your Service: Katy & Co



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You know those days (or weeks, or months, or, like, all the time) when your “To Do” list is as long as your arm and your time – and patience – is as short as your pinkie toe?  You can either stay up until the wee hours of the morning paying bills, researching home-repair companies, and scouring websites looking for a great gift for your Aunt Mamie…or you can hire a personal assistant to do it for you.  I’m not kidding!  Norwalk based Katy & Co. is a full-service concierge/personal assistant service that will do all those annoying-to-do-but-must-be done tasks for you – leaving you free to focus on the things that really matter.

Katy Schermann, owner of Katy & Co., began her career as a nanny-turned-personal-assistant for a Rowayton family before working for executives at Bridgewater Associates in Westport and a Greenwich hedge fund. There, she saw first-hand the challenges they faced in balancing work and life while still having time for family and fun.  “The reality is that people everywhere are busy and they need a resource that they can rely upon and trust. The value of time is immeasurable and I help people to create a balance,” Shermann said.

In 2007, Shermann launched Katy & Co. and has since been providing busy Fairfield County, Long Island, and New York City residents with peace of mind that those everyday tasks, big and small, will be taken care of professionally, quickly, and with utmost privacy.

Services are virtually unlimited – home maintenance, bill paying, travel arrangements, party planning…heck, she and her team will even stock your refrigerator for you before you return home from vacation…and, they’ll take your dry cleaning and laundry to be dropped off – after they take your car in for an oil change.  Planning a move? They will take care of it all – researching moving companies, supervising packing, ordering a dumpster, and bringing your donations to the drop off-center.  They’ll even make sure your new home is freshly painted and sparkling clean before you move in.  Yes, this is real – you are not dreaming!

Katy says that being a personal assistant is her “passion” and the relationships that she has cultivated with her clients are paramount.  “The relationship aspect is really important. It’s the reason that I have so many long-term clients.  Being a P.A. is very personal, you’re trusted with a lot of information and you can’t put a dollar amount on that.  My clients know that they can hand me a project and feel confident that they can trust me to do an outstanding job – and that’s immeasurable,” she explains.

With a staff of 15 professionals across a number of specialties (personal assistant, bookkeeping, graphic design, professional chef, babysitting, handyman, housekeeping), she’s ready to tackle endeavors large and small.  All her employees and contractors are insured, bonded, and undergo a thorough background check prior to being hired, “People say it’s easier to work for the CIA,” Schumann says only half-joking.  She takes her clients privacy very seriously; even having her staff sign non-disclosure forms to ensure the privacy of her clients.

And, if you think that this is only a service for the very wealthy or big-wig executives, you’re wrong – Schumann said her typical client is, “the average working person who’s just trying to keep their head above water.”

The next time you’re drowning in “to do’s”, Katy & Co. can be a lifesaver.

For a full list of services, visit their website: ( or phone Katy at 203-807-5289.