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RadLab: New Kids Science Classes in New Canaan


“Why is the sky blue?” “Why is it raining?” “What is dirt made out of?”

If you’re a mom, then you know that your life is a series of  Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader-worthy questions seemingly targeted to challenge your higher order thinking skills.  If Wikipedia has become your go-to for random science related questions, you might want to give your precocious pre-schooler an opportunity to engage their natural sense of wonder with a new science program designed to give little Einsteins a fun, hands-on experience (and answer at least a few of those never-ending questions).

RadLab is a just-launched science series for children ages  pre-school to grade two, in which they learn scientific concepts and participate in a get-your-hands-dirty science investigations centered around core theme of the week!  The one hour-long drop-off style classes are held over a period of 10 weeks (September 10, through November 12) at the United Methodist Church of New Canaan.

The curriculum, which is aligned with the Connecticut Core Science Framework, was developed by two teachers (and moms!), Jennifer Moore and Courtney Flynn, who  admittedly have a love for all things science and messy! The fun and highly engaging  hour-long classes flow naturally from the age-appropriate theme and include a sensory activity. a safety lesson and hands-on investigation, a story related to the concept, and discussion surrounding the theme of the week.


“Jenn and I began developing Rad Lab because we feel like children are natural scientists at this age–continually questioning the world around them.  It is a perfect time to do hands-on activities that excite children and help build their confidence as they ask questions and find answers through their investigating!’ explained Flynn.

For more information and to register for classes, visit the RadLab website at