OK, I get the knee-jerk reaction to change offered by someone partisan is often going to be rejection. But the reaction to the proposed redistricting rolled out by Ed Krumeich and a series of

So There, Lincoln Milstein

It has come to my attention that the Grand Poohbah of the Greenwich Time, Hearst Executive Lincoln Milstein thinks that the Greenwich Democrats are “toothless” among other things. Its not terribly

I’m Back

Now isn’t that great news! Sarcasm aside, I am always pleased that the Greenwich Time has offered this platform for my views. But I also like the comments as well. Lots of changes afoot in the next

First Amendment Blues

Back in 2000, Congress passed – and Bill Clinton signed – the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. RLUIPA, as it’s called, was conceived to protect the rights of all faiths to build

My Big Democratic Speech

Whether it means a hill of beans or not, as this paper reported I was elected the Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee this past Thursday. I gave the following speech that night. Love to hear

My Friend Dave

My friend Dave Roberson died the other morning. He was 42, he wasn’t married, didn’t have any children, and lived with his mother in the house he grew up in on Hassake Road in Old Greenwich. He worked

New Buildings

My son and his Cub Scout troop took a tour of the new Police Station in Central Greenwich yesterday. What was the takeaway? It was that the police station was far nicer than our house. Mind you, our

Back and Slightly More Improved Than Ever

I have returned to blogging after a long period of way too much to do. In this economy, working ten times harder than anyone else is the only way to get back to square. I had lunch with a local banker