I’m Back

Now isn’t that great news! Sarcasm aside, I am always pleased that the Greenwich Time has offered this platform for my views. But I also like the comments as well.

Lots of changes afoot in the next few months. I’ll be commenting on hard-core Republican desires to evicerate our Town services, education and way of life under the misguided flag of “fiscal discipline” (i.e. all taxes bad, but how come my roads aren’t plowed!). Of course people move to Greenwich to have the same services they have in Bridgeport. This time, of course, the sarcasm is real.

We have an election on the horizon where the positions of the parties couldn’t be more stark. With Witherell, we’re already seeing the benefits of having a Democratic Governor who actually cares about people, and isn’t afraid to do something for a Republican town if its the right thing to do. Connecticut is the bluest state in the nation, so Republicans have to just deal with it, while Democrats have to realize we own it now, and if our experiment with 100% Dem representation fails, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Lots of changes in my world upcoming, possibly pursuing new horizons. Couldn’t care less about a Super Bowl with the two smallest market teams – if its not the Giants, its nuttin’ – and we will all, regardless of ideology, complain about the weather.

So there you have it. Back with you anon

Frank Farricker