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Defining Special

I’ve always believed that something is eternal in Greenwich until its not. Even though they didn’t appear on Greenwich Avenue until, I believe, the 1950’s, many of the defenders of cops directing

The Power of No

The RTM is a fascinating institution. Over the past few years we’ve had the Jim Lash blue-ribbon panel, an anniversary party, and today a story in the paper saying that 20% of the people rarely show

Steve Grunow

Last Sunday morning, I got an email from my mother asking me if she could come down from Rhode Island for the night on Friday because Steve Grunow died. Steve had been smacking away at cancer over the

Our Friends and Neighbors

The Housing Authority rears its head again in an ongoing quest to fulfill its mission of developing low-cost housing in Greenwich, this time with the resubmission for Senior Citizens housing at

Obama’s Freund

We survived the day where our President, with the assistance of some of those spinning hypnosis wheels from ’50’s movies, and subliminal commands (“I love the leader” – h/t Simpsons fans) was going to