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John Lennon Imagined: Beatles And Solo Years – Featuring THE NUTOPIANS

THE NUTOPIANS (formerly the John Lennon Song Project) is a unique and compelling multigenerational 8-piece ensemble.
Founded and led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step and Tom Dean of Devonsquare, the band celebrates the genius and artistry of Lennon with exquisite renditions of his song compositions with the Fab Four as well as those from his solo years, often inspiring a whole new appreciation for the icon’s music.
In a show that rave reviews have called “magical,” hear three and four-part harmonies and a host of consummate musicians on acoustic, electric and bass guitars, cello, violin, piano, mandola, accordion, chromatic harmonica and light percussion.
The group is touring with material from its Independent Music Award-winning debut CD “Imagined,” as well as from its follow-up album of Lennon compositions to be released in 2012.
The band’s new name, The Nutopians, was given to them by Yoko Ono to both tribute ”Nutopia,” the fictitious country of peace that she and John envisioned, and to honor Lennon’s social and political activism.
In that vein, as a member of WhyHunger’s ‘Artists Against Hunger & Poverty’ program, the ensemble will donate a portion of their proceeds from the performance as well as from their CD sales.

“ With these intelligent heartfelt renditions of Lennon’s songs, THE NUTOPIANS ranks right up there with the very best Lennon interpreters ever.” – Pete Fornatale, Music Historian and DJ, Mixed Bag Radio, WFUV FM, New York

April 13, 2012
8:00pm Show
$30 advance
$35 at the door
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