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Jack Hitt

Fairfield Theatre Company
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Join the Conversation with WSHU Public Radio! Jack Hitt, acclaimed writer and frequent contributor to NPR’s This American Life, will discuss why amateurs are more than just semi-professionals driven by a singular obsession; they are what fuel the success of America and the identity of its people, in his new book: BUNCH OF AMATEURS: A Search for the American Character.

Filled with stories that highlight the ongoing American experience, Hitt’s BUNCH OF AMATEURS asks what motivates America’s sharp-eyed bird-watchers, home-brew biologists, rogue paleontologists, backyard astronomers, and garage inventors to pursue their passions with such vigor and gusto. From a heavily tattooed Bay Area woman who splices a fish’s glow-in-the-dark gene into yogurt, to space-obsessed mobile home owner who is developing the next generation of telescopes, he not only tells the stories of people in the grip of a passion, but reveals how amateurs are pioneering new frontiers that often lead to the newest version of the American dream.

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Jack Hitt
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Jack Hitt is a contributing editor to the New York Times Magazine, Harper’s, and NPR’s This American Life. He also writes for Rolling Stone, GQ, and Wired. He has won both a Peabody and the Livingston and Pope Foundation Award. His stories can be heard on This American Life’s greatest hits CD, Lies, Sissies & Fiascoes, and The Best Crimes and Misdemeanors: Stories from The Moth. He is the author of a solo theater performance, Making Up the Truth.

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