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History You Can Own

The Rockwell Gallery of Westport will be having Seth Kaller and John Reznikoff for a presentation of “History You Can Own” on Thursday, October 4th.

Gather round the heroes of yesteryear in the newest collection of old documents, artifacts, and treasures that once belonged to iconic figures in “History you Can Own”. Seth Kaller of Seth Kaller Inc. and John Reznikoff of University Archives, team up with a spectacular collection of authentic signed documents by the authors of the Declaration of Independence -including a forced stone copy of the actual Declaration of Independence. Also on display are all things Mt. Rushmore -2 of the statues sculpted by Gutzon Borglum used to design Mt. Rushmore, documents and artifacts from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. October 4th marks the anniversary date of the commencement of carving Mt. Rushmore!

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Ryan Odinak