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“Men Of Color, To Arms!”

Come down to the Fairfield Museum and History Center on Thursday, November 8th for a presentation of “Men of Color, To Arms!”!

The call to arms from impassioned abolitionist Frederick Douglass echoed the overwhelming sentiments of nearly 190,000 colored troops that joined the Union cause for the promise of freedom.

David Koch, Assistant Professor of History at Housatonic Community College and David Naumec, Manchester Community College, will discuss this important turning point in the Civil War. Koch will discuss the 29th and 30th Connecticut regiments, which saw service in the Civil War and ushered in an era of sweeping change in the state’s treatment of its African-American citizens.

Naumec will discuss how race and identity lines became increasingly blurred in the 19th century and the issues that impacted Lincoln’s decision to allow black soldiers to fight for the Union.

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Ryan Odinak