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Double Entendre: A Tribute To Chet Baker

The Unitarian Church In Westport will be having a tribute to Chet Baker on Saturday, November 10th!

A Tribute to Chet Baker features five of the area’s top jazz musicians performing an evening of Baker’s signature songs including the timeless, My Funny Valentine, There Will Never Be Another You and his famous Let’s Get Lost. The Tribute concert will explore Baker’s emotive, cool jazz approach. Chet’s song lyrics take on new meaning when viewed in light of his charmed and doomed life. The show will examine his life and legacy through music and lyrics.

The band includes vocalist Kim Oler, trumpet player Chris Brown, pianist Rob Silvan, bassist John Mobilio, and drummer Bob Leonard.

Chet Baker was an elusive icon. A leader of the West Coast school of cool jazz in the 1950s, he had a restrained, intimate playing style on trumpet and flugelhorn. His singing was just as intimate, with a remarkable voice that was delicate, plaintive, and evanescent. Though his life was haunted by addiction and ended much too soon, Baker is revered as one of the original voices in jazz. His matinee-idol good looks were not lost on filmmaker Bruce Weber. He rightfully focused on Baker’s musical influence in his highly acclaimed documentary, Let’s Get Lost, (1988).

In the Tribute, Kim Oler will sing songs that are associated with Baker and which have become regular inclusions in his own concerts, including, That’s All, Time After Time, and There Will Never Be Another You.

“Chet was such a monumental talent, it will take two of us to recreate his stuff,” laughs trumpet player Chris Brown, remarking how he and Oler will combine to cover Baker’s horn and vocal talents. “Chet Baker’s music is an antidote to the brash, aggressive world we’re surrounded by,” adds Brown. “His music makes it’s own world. It’s a wonderful world to live in.”

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Ryan Odinak