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Karla Bonoff & Steve Forbert

The Doyle Coffin Architecture Singer Songwriter Series at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Saturday, November 17th!

Karla Bonoff is often described as one of the finest singer/songwriters of her generation. With a career spanning four decades, Bonoff has enjoyed critical acclaim, commercial success, enduring popularity and the unwavering respect of her peers. In addition to achieving chart success with her own recordings, Karla has seen her songs become hits for such stellar artists as Bonnie Raitt, Wynonna Judd and Linda Ronstadt. Many of Bonoff’s ballads are now pop classics. Karla’s moving vocals on her rich, expressive songs is like standing beneath a sparkling waterfall — refreshing, exhilarating, restorative. And hearing them live can be transformative.

Steve Forbert “Meet me in the middle of the night, let me hear you say everything’s alright,” warbled the Mississippi-born artist on his defining 1980 hit song Romeo’s Tune. “Let me smell the moon in your perfume” he sang – and it was that kind of lyrical poetry, along with Steve’s roots-rocking musical approach, that struck a chord with millions of people in the transitional period between 70’s folk-rock and 80’s new wave. Steve’s brash-but-still-sensitive take on the songwriter genre propelled his sophomore album, Jackrabbit Slim, up the Billboard charts and led to sold-out shows and a feature in Rolling Stone magazine…all at the tender age of 21. When 80s tastes turned to punk and disco, songcrafters like Forbert, and even Bob Dylan, fell out of favor with the mainstream. But Steve’s fantastic live show and his quality songwriting have outlasted the trends, and the profound honesty found in his body of work has carried his career to a place where he now has 14 studio albums (including his latest, 2009’s critically-acclaimed The Place and The Time) and a legion of dedicated fans around the country.

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Ryan Odinak