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The Kennedys At Voices Cafe

A musical sound that is as unique as it is uplifting and unclassifiable. The Voices Cafes presents The Kennedys on Friday, December 7.

You just don’t listen to The Kennedys once. Believe me. I tried. Their music is as varied and innovative as it is infectious and begs being experienced over and over again.

Maura and Pete Kennedy’s career spans two decades from their early days in Austin, Texas to a just completed European tour.

Pete is a one-person band playing electric and acoustic guitar, Fender bass, electric sitar, Rickenbacker 12-string jangler, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo. He also performs both lead and background vocals and writes much of their music.

While Pete twangs away Maura paints musical landscapes with her crystal bell voice sometimes sweet and soulful, sometimes urgent, but always soothing. Primarily the lead vocalist, she’s also ready to mix it up with Pete on acoustic and electric guitars, and uke.

Pete does the music and Maura is the self-expressive lyricist.

Their sound is as unique as it is uplifting and unclassifiable.

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Ryan Odinak