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Opening Reception For “Another View”, a Paul Larson Solo Exhibition

The Loft Artists Gallery presents “ANOTHER VIEW”, a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Greenwich artist, Paul G. Larson. Exhibition opening reception is tonight, February 21st from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. This collection of fifteen recent paintings features subject matter ranging from solitary and multiple figures in stylized settings, to completely free-flowing abstract landscapes of the mind. Larson’s style is best described as expressionist with a decidedly cubist twist. The large compositions are based upon the use of complex geometric forms, and the illusion of overlapping and intersecting planes, improbable perspectives, and highly contrasting yet subtle transitions of tonal passages that invariably tease the viewer’s eye. “A work of art is a window into the artist’s mind, and every image is a glimpse into the world he inhabits” Larson says. “My paintings are abstractions of my own perceptions. My intent is to explore the mystery of perceived realities, and to report what I find to others.”

Larson describes his work as “a process of finding what has been lost, or bringing what is obscure to awareness.” Further elaborating upon the work, Larson states “Although the images may be unique, I hope that others may find something familiar to their world as well. Something that might provide an insight, evoke a distant memory, or awaken an emotion somehow familiar, and perhaps long unfelt.” Visitors to this powerful exhibition of paintings will not leave unsatisfied. A lifelong artist and the recipient of numerous awards for his work in oil, acrylic, and pastel, Larson has participated in many exhibitions and his work resides in private collections both national and international.

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Ryan Odinak