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Rennie Harris and Puremovement

Choreographer and international ambassador of hip-hop dance Rennie Harris founded Rennie Harris Puremovement in 1992, after working with Run-DMC and Kurtis Blow. The pre-eminent hip-hop dance company in the world, Puremovement is pure, contagious stage magic. Under Harris’s artistic direction, Puremovement’s virtuosic dancers stretch brilliant street moves to high art in works that have helped to deconstruct popular perceptions of hip-hop dance on concert stages around the world. As part of their 20th anniversary tour, Rennie Harris Puremovement performs seminal works from the company’s past from P-Funk (1992) and Students of the Asphalt Jungle (1995) to 2010’s God Made Me Funky.

“More than any other hip-hop choreographer, Rennie Harris demonstrates that there’s something to be gained by moving the dance form out of clubs and onto the stage.” – The New Yorker

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Ryan Odinak