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Pequot Library, Issues Of The Day: Living On One Dollar

The Pequot Library asks, if you had only one dollar a day, how would you …
… pay for food?
… afford school?
… maintain your home?
… handle an emergency?

While living in a rural Guatemalan village in 2010 as university students, Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple (co-founders of Living on One), asked these questions every day. Their Fairfield County upbringing didn’t prepare them for what they would go through living at a level the majority of inhabitants in this world experience. They battled E.Coli, financial stress, and the realization that there are no easy answers to living on one dollar per day. They found hope in the inspiring lives of their neighbors and friends, who showed how access to small sums of money can empower a woman to bring herself and her family out of poverty.

Chris and Zach will show their full length documentary, “Living on One Dollar” at the Pequot Library, Wednesday night. The film tells an empowering and engaging story, and shows how microfinance can be a sustainable way to combat extreme poverty.

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Ryan Odinak