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Eye Candy: Recent Paintings By Cathy Choi And Lori Kirkbride

Amy Simon Fine Art is pleased to announce its lastest exhibition titled, “Eye Candy: Recent Paintings by Cathy Choi + Lori Kirkbride.” Both of these artists create beautiful works with high gloss surfaces utilizing different styles and sensibilities.

Cathy Choi is fascinated with water and it is evident in the color and luminous quality of her work. Although drawn to water as an inspiration, her art work is non-representational. Instead, she intentionally wants the work to have a life seperate from a depiction of nature. In this painting, Cathy Choi’s combination of materials allows her to capture a topography of intense color and physical depth; revealing a transparent effect in the center and a three-dimensional view at the edges.

Lori Kirkbride’s work utilizes acrylic polymer and resin on wood panels, which are complex layers of simple shapes, forms, and psychedelic compositions. The colors are shockingly intense in both her bold abstractions or floral designs. In her heavily patterned works there is a kinetic energy which is informed by Kirkbride’s fascination with the neon colors of her childhood and memories of early textiles from her past.

These two artists create “eye candy.” Their art is beautiful and hypnotic. It is a joy to immerse yourself in their luscious surfaces and colors.

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Ryan Odinak