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The Space Between: Lunchtime Artists Talk

The public is invited to stop by the Art/Place gallery in Fairfield, Wednesday, from 12 pm to 1:30 p.m., bring their lunch, and sit at tables for an art lecture and discussion with exhibiting artists Toby Michaels and Mary Elizabeth Peterson. Their show “The Space Between” is an exploration of the space between sky and sea.

“The main purpose of the Artists Talk is to get a conversation started about art. Art inspires, enhances creativity, and expands the mind,” says Peterson. “We want people living and working nearby to stop their daily routine and see something different than what they usually see.”

“The show is about what is unseen in the universe. At first glimpse you may see only darkness and stars, but there is really an abundance of phenomena in the void,” says Toby Michaels who focuses on cosmic space in her Black Paper series. These abstract paintings become spiritual and metaphysical adventures, inspiring her to “inquire into the unseen, endless cosmic and universal possibilities.”

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Ryan Odinak