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Objective vs Subjective

objectiveConceptually speaking, objectivity requires one to view the world without preconceived notions, beliefs or biases. This requires an open mind. Typically we view the world subjectively though our own set of experiences. These experiences shape us into the creatures that we are. What one believes to be true guides one’s decision making and takes you to where you think you want to be. Your decision making has in turn taken you to this very place where you are now reading this text. YOU ARE HERE! So what are you going to do about it?

What some artists chose to “do about it” is featured in “Objective- Subjective”.

Leclerc Contemporary Galley is excited to announce the opening of a new show, “Objective – Subjective – Inside Contemporary Photography,” featuring the work of Regan Avery, Andrew Buck, Tom Chapman, Barry Gutherz, Barrett Langlinais, Builder Levy, Vera Sprunt and Gail Thacker. Its focus will be on work that challenges boundaries, both conceptually and materially. In upcoming exhibitions we will be exploring the fabric of Western culture along with the panacea of events, large and small, that have shaped and continue to shape our present and future.


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