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Thomas J. Walsh Gallery Has Fascinating New Exhibit Called Refraction

Fascinated by the destabilization of perception, Jason Peters creates illusory spaces and alternative realities through his work. He does so by 1397662599_thumbamassing vast quantities of discarded objects from everyday life, which Peters then reconfigures in surprisingly unexpected ways. The results lift these “societal casts-offs” – including contractors’ buckets and metal chair frames – beyond the bounds of ordinary physical existence an into the realm of catharsis. Thus they invite the viewer to see beauty where before there was refuse, to experience flux where before there was stasis, to experience a focused calm where before there was distraction.

For this exhibition, Peters will create a new site-specific installation that responds directly to the forms and colors of La Ragnatela/The Spiderweb: Works by Giampaolo Seguso from the Corning Museum of Glass, on view at the Bellarmine Museum of Art from April 10 until June 13, 2014.

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