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Enough of the pay czar

The chances that Ken Feinberg is going to mine down far enough in the economy to set my salary are exactly zero, but the pay czar and his bosses in the current administration are becoming a little too

Black Friday blues

It was awful this morning shortly after 5 a.m. at Best Buy. The line outside moved well, and my wife and I were inside the store by 5:15. But there were more lines inside Best Buy, and they weren’t

Merritt Parkway bridges

Word is that the Merritt Parkway is on an list of endangered and at-risk sites published by the World Monument Fund, among the criteria being neglect, dilapidation and vandalism. I don’t know about

Pratt & Whitney

It would seem logical to blame United Technologies Pratt & Whitney jet engine division for hurting Connecticut with its decision this week to close repair operations in Cheshire and East Hartford

Telling it like it is

Anyone who cares about business in the state of Connecticut should read the lead editorial in Saturday’s (8/29) Wall Street Journal. According to the well-researched and written piece, since the

Julie Jason book signing

Hearst Connecticut personal finance columnist Julie Jason brought highlights of her new book, The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad, to a

Cash for doing the wrong thing

A few years ago I traded in an SUV for a Pontiac Vibe, and upped my fuel efficiency from about 18 MPG to 28.5 MPG.  I got $1,500 for the trade in because my Blazer had pretty high mileage and with gas

Beer summit

I can’t believe the flap over the arrest of Professor Gates will be discussed today over foreign beer at the White House. According to reports, Bud Light, Blue Moon and Red Stripe are on tap, and all

The Who fans score some bucks

This from FinAlternatives: A Man Group fund of hedge funds is making a big bet on a new sovereign-debt hedge fund founded by three Brevan Howard Capital Management veterans. RMF Global Emerging

Whose (fleet) is bigger?

Looks like GE had an end-run planned around ILFC, the AIG unit and leases airplanes and the direct rival of Stamford-based GE Commercial Aviation Services. According to the wires, GE offered $2