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: June, 2009

Golden Greenwich?

We’ve run two pretty disturbing stories about Greenwich business in the past week. First, the unemployment rate is now 6 percent in town, well above the norm when every investment banker and bond

Trump and the WWE

It’s a little hard to believe that some people, including supposedly skeptical journalists, took seriously the purchase of WWE’s Monday Night Raw by Donald Trump. Several news outlets reported it as

Mr. McMahon and The Donald 2

The latest update on Donald Trump buying RAW from the WWE has Trump landing his fancy helicopter atop the company’s headquarters on East Main Street in Stamford. Those from outside the city may not

Mr. McMahon and The Donald

The last time that Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment got involved with Donald Trump, dollar bills floated down on the audience from the ceiling of the arena, heated rhetoric was exchanged

Winning the Stock Market Game

So some kids over at Greenwich High took first place in Connecticut for the fall 2008 in the Stock Market Game, a national simulation that gives a team $100,000 play dollars to make-believe buy and

More foreign subsidies

News is the federal government, in its continued spree of printing money, is considering new incentives for car buyers of up to $4,500. The “cash for clunkers” plan would grant tax credits for

Backcountry lad goes against the grain

The apple sometimes falls farther from the tree than you might expect.  Take the case of Bruce Marks, profiled a few Wednesdays ago on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and beaten up many times

Attention Fairfield Greenwich and Madoff customers!

Hollywood is taking note of your plight, albeit in a comic, fictionalized fashion: The movie to be released on the day Bernie Madoff will be sentenced on June 29th. Click here for a link to a preview

Attention T-Bill buyers

OK, fess up. I was just ready to pull the trigger on refinancing my mortgage when the rate jumps overnight by 37.5 basis points and the origination fee by 12.5. It seems that Treasury yields shot