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: July, 2009

Beer summit

I can’t believe the flap over the arrest of Professor Gates will be discussed today over foreign beer at the White House. According to reports, Bud Light, Blue Moon and Red Stripe are on tap, and all

The Who fans score some bucks

This from FinAlternatives: A Man Group fund of hedge funds is making a big bet on a new sovereign-debt hedge fund founded by three Brevan Howard Capital Management veterans. RMF Global Emerging

Whose (fleet) is bigger?

Looks like GE had an end-run planned around ILFC, the AIG unit and leases airplanes and the direct rival of Stamford-based GE Commercial Aviation Services. According to the wires, GE offered $2

Another scammer sentenced

STAMFORD, Conn. – (AP) A former Greenwich man has been sentenced to three years in prison for an investment scam. Forty-seven-year-old Bradley Kabbash has also been ordered to pay more than $800,000

CIT again

So it’s 7:45 on Friday, July 17, and CIT is still around and looking for financing to stave off a bankruptcy, or maybe for DIP financing if it has to file. ┬áIt can’t be pleasant knowing there is no


It’s hard to imagine what it’s like at 7 p.m. July 16 for the people at CIT. I’m sitting in the newsroom refreshing my wires to see if they’ve slipped stealthily into bankruptcy court, or if Treasury

President pointing fingers

Just whom did President Obama mean when he said Friday at the conclusion of the G8 summit in Italy that “Reckless actions by a few have fueled a recession that spans the globe?” I’ve got a feeling

Up-to-date plane

Well, Delta had it wrong on my itinerary, but the airline was consistent in telling me I’d be flying on 737-200, even though it had retired those old rustbuckets years ago. Even when I checked in


My Delta itinerary tells me that I’m flying on a 737-200 Monday night from Atlanta to Hartford, flight No. 1756. This flight is usually operated by an MD-88, but the seatmap sure enough has 3-3

More Greenwich space on market

An addendum to my post yesterday on unemployment and vacant office space in Greenwich. Today’s Wall Street Journal notes that Greenwich hedge funds Duff Capital Managment, Plainfield Asset Management