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: October, 2010

Time and Place for Everything

As most people know by now, the WWE will be handing out its merchandise near polling places this Tuesday as Linda McMahon tries to beat Dick Blumenthal for a seat on the U.S. Senate. The WWE says the

Boxes, boxes everywhere

My colleague and I were talking today about the ever-changing street scapes of many towns from quaint rows of small stores, whether they be mom-and-pops or national chains, to practically

Jack Welch gives shout-out to Linda McMahon

Former General Electric Co. CEO Jack Welch gave some volume to his support for Republican senatorial candidate Linda McMahon Wednesday afternoon at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. After seeing

The Defeated Ones

Today, while I was walking to the New Haven train station to catch the 8:04 to Stamford, I passed a man scuffling along, hunched over and talking to himself. I thought, what went wrong in his life?

Affinion on the block

Stamford-based Affinion Group, which in May registered with the SEC to sell shares to the public, has been put up for sale by its private equity owner, Apollo Management. The New York Post reported

Stevie, in London, passes up on latest Hirsts

Greenwich resident and Stamford hedge fund manager Steve Cohen was in London Wednesday browsing the Frieze Art Fair, according to Bloomberg News. My bet is he didn’t fly commercial to get to the

Fox vs. Cablevision

All the moaning from Fox and Cablevision about not having a new deal for Channel 5 to be carried on the area’s biggest cable provider is pretty misleading. Fox is appealing to viewers to lobby

Teddy bear sale

Paul Greenwood, the former Greenwich hedge fund manager at WTG Trading, is losing all his teddy bears today in a sale at Christie’s in London. I’m having trouble getting too worked up about his


As wind turbine blades spin on General Electric’s television commercials, the question of how to really feed the electric-car chargers — called WattStations — ballyhooed on a bunch of other GE