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: November, 2010

Fairfield County’s economy ranked 70th in world

The Brookings Institution said the Bridgeport metro region’s economic performance after the recession makes it one of the stronger economies in the U.S. and world. Brookings measured the economic

The business of helping others

I realize the Financial Mines blog is intended for matters related to finance and business, but I just had to share my sister Marilee’s e-mail on how her son Maxx, my nephew, is doing in Zambia as a

Insurance — have it!

Many of us out there — myself included — bemoan the ever-increasing cost for health insurance, whether it be through work, Cobra or other provider. I don’t need to cite numbers or statistics — we all

Everybody’s Doing It — Almost

As a business writer covering the thousands of businesses in Fairfield County, I am constantly Googling business names to find their websites and obtain all the information I need about them at the

WWE decides on no merchandise at polls

On Monday evening before election Day 2011, the WWE decided not to hand out its goods at the polls as Linda McMahon goes against Dick Blumenthal for a U.S. Senate seat. While I joked with a co-worker