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It’s time for BP to ante up – big time

President Obama is demanding that BP set up a victims compensation fund to assist businesses and individuals who have been and will be impacted by millions of barrels of crude oil that are still

DOT’s comments on I-95 traffic

A couple of weeks ago, I called the Connecticut Department of Transportation for comment on I-95 rush-hour traffic’s impact on the economy, as noted in my Friday, May 28 blog, “I-95 traffic…” DOT

Happy Birthday, Steve!

SAC Capital Management’s Steve Cohen turns 54 today.  Hope they’re partying on down by the water in Stamford.

Interactive Brokers keeps rolling out new products

Interactive Brokers Poised To Launch Muni Trading By Nicole Brook Guest Writer Greenwich’s Interactive Brokers will launch low-cost electronic trading in municipal bonds in the next week, according to

BP debacle stresses need for alternative energy push

If there ever was a reason to speed up research into and production of alternative energy sources, what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico is it. For six weeks, millions of barrels of crude oil have

Golden Eddie

Eddie Lampert’s not an ostentatious kind of guy, billionaire or no, so don’t expect to see him driving a gold-plated Aston Martin around Greenwich. But Eddie’s getting into the gold-buying frenzy in a

I-95 traffic…

Given the several hours a week I spend sitting in I-95 traffic as a frequent commuter from Fairfield to Stamford, I often come to the conclusion — as I repeatedly shift from second to third gears —

Financial industry blogger needed – Full time

Financial Services Reporter Hearst Connecticut Media Group is seeking a financial services reporter to blog, break stories, investigate and lead coverage of the high-end financial services industry

More Madoff from Rob Varnon

The State Banking Department is handing over the results of its investigation into the securities activities of Westport-based PSCC Services Inc., its founder and owner Robert L. Silverman and

Cutting the cable

Even though I’m not a Cablevision customer and didn’t risk missing the Oscars because of the cable company’s squabble with ABC, I was inspired to explore alternatives to my cable TV service and the