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GE wins uncoveted footnote award for 2012

General Electric captured 40 percent of the vote for worst footnote of 2012 on the popular biz blog, GE, which revealed it was going to pay a former executive more than $80,000 a month

Fiscal Cliff deal in sight

Senate leaders and the President claimed to have seen the shadow of a deal to prevent America from plunging off the fiscal cliff. But then everyone realized it just means we’ll have six more months of

Eliminating assault weapons could cost jobs but save lives

This wasn’t the right Christmas to buy that semi-automatic assault weapon for your loved one. Fresh off the murder of 20 children in Newtown, six school staff members and the crazed killer’s mother,

Last Call!

Better think ahead if you want to chase your hangover with something from home on New Year’s Day, the package stores will all be closed. The Department of Consumer Protection send out a press release

Smith and Wesson buys back $20 million in shares in less than a month

Massachusetts-based Smith and Wesson said Thursday it bought back $20 million in shares since Dec. 6 and its board has authorized another $15 million repurchase program. Gunmaker shares have been

GE’s $89,000-a-month man lands on footnoted’s dubious list

Footnoted, the business blog that dives into the financial filings of publicly traded companies, has listed a GE footnote as one of the six worst for 2013. GE disclosed earlier in the year that Jack

SEC charges Aussie analyst hiding in Hong Kong

The Securities and Exchange Commission said it’s now charging a research analyst with insider trading after the man allegedly fled the U.S. and is now hiding in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, the SEC added

Coal for Ruger: down more than 4 percent Wednesday

Shares of Fairfield-based gunmaker Sturm Ruger fell more than 4 percent the day after Christmas, while industrial gas maker Praxair in Danbury and Westport-based industrial equipment maker Terex clung

Christmas in the Mines

Merry Christmas from the Mines. As the hours tick off, shoppers in the area rushed out for those last remaining items. The Target toy section in Milford looked like the bread and milk aisles in

Gunmakers shares fall after NRA presser

Heading into the National Rifle Association press conference Friday, shares in the two publicly traded gunmakers, Sturm Ruger and Smith and Wesson, began to rally. As the conference went on, the