Did you get your tax refund debit card? We want to talk to you

If you received your state tax refund debit card, we’d like to talk to you about it and get your thoughts on what you think about it. Specifically, after using it, we want to know if you think the State made a good decision getting rid of checks?

Just contact Business Reporter Rob Varnon at rvarnon@ctpost.com, or 203-330-6216. Make sure you leave a number or email address at which he can reach you.

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Rob Varnon

17 Responses

  1. Maria Mullins says:

    You should have just had it electronically deposited into your own savings account. What’s the problem with that? That’s what I did.

  2. sal says:

    just got the card today. Very unhappy, It’s going to be a hassle to cash and I need the money for bills- I better not get any junk mail from Chase.

  3. tim h says:

    We received the refund card today, unbidden.

    Nowhere in the accompanying paperwork, NOWHERE, does it tell you that you can have the money bank-transferred off the card account and to your bank account. Nowhere. It lists all sorts of useful things you can do with the card – use it at ATMs, go to a Chase teller, use it like a credit card… Nowhere does it tell you that you can transfer the money to a real account in the paperwork.

    This is sleazy, disgusting, wrong. Seriously CT, go to hell.

  4. Patti says:

    Why is keeping things simple (when it’s a tried and true system that works) such a problem for a government?

  5. James says:

    It might be possible that opening an account to get your money from chase could hurt your credit score. Closed accounts damage credit scores. I am looking to buy a home I don’t need to open another account at this time. I hope they did not sell my ss# to chase. This would be very bad. I will be contacting DRS in this matter and will post my results.

  6. Rich guzda says:

    I am waiting now for my card I do owe Chase money and if they take any of my refund there will be hell to pay , this seems so sireal that Chase had gotten a Goverment bail out and now they get to make money from our refunds why does our Goverment do this we the people who struggle everyday would like a freebee too , people wake up lets start paying attention to this stuff like Obama they talk with such smarts but do dumb things

  7. Doug says:

    This is outrageous! The state saves a few dollars and passes on a major inconvenience to the people. First the feds bailout the banks and now CT gives Chase this contract. Chase must be very happy to get all of this information for marketing. I’ll be curious to see what Chase contributes to Malloy next election.

  8. M says:

    Another thing that has really been bugging me about this is I try very hard to keep as much information as I can private. The state has given my social security number to Chase without my consent. Isn’t this somehow illegal?

  9. Dan says:

    This policy is absolutely ridiculous. What if the taxpayers paid their taxes to the State in the form of AMEX gift cards? I wonder how the DRS would feel about that? It is utter nonsense that if you gave valid direct deposit information that your refund will be deposited directly. My information was verified twice (same info used last year) and I still received these cards.

    In order to pay their debts the State forces you into opening a credit card account and beginning a banking relationship with Chase (with all their limitations, fees, & restrictions) that you otherwise never intended.

    I belive there is no such thing as a free lunch. So whatever the State “saved” with this policy was ultimatley incurred by Chase. Why would Chase would choose to incur this cost? Oh yeah, because they know they will be able to levy hundreds of thousdands if not millions of dollars on the swarms of ignorant, unsuspecting tax payers who…make cash withdrawals, transfer funds, lose their cards, use the wrong ATM, or leave their card inactive…not to mention the new mailing list for their junk mail.

    And we’re to beieve Dannel is looking out for the “little guy”?

    What an absolute joke!!!

  10. M says:

    This is ridiculous. I don’t appreciate the state changing their policy without input from their taxpayers. I pay a ton of money between property taxes, emissions, registration, and even a dog license and feel I should have the choice rather than being sent a “surprise”. Chase bank must really have a good connection with someone in the upper ranks of our state government.

  11. Rob Varnon says:

    Thanks for sharing this issue. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. I sent you an email about it but if you don’t get that or others run into similar concerns, here’s a number for the DRS:

  12. Joe says:

    I received both the debit card and a check…
    So i’m a little confused what I have to do.
    Am I supposed to deposit using the check and also open the debit card?
    Please help

  13. fairfieldcounty says:


    relying on a YET to be received income tax refund, whether by check, debit card or direct deposit, to pay one of the most important bills of the month (mortgage) by the deadline set between you and your lendor is ill-advised. The State, the company you work for, or anyone else for this matter has zero responsibility to cover your mortgage and this responsibility rests solely on your shoulders and your ability to manage your money.

    how are you paying your mortgage next month? did you pay other bills with your cash-flow that you maybe have more leniency with being a week or two late if necessary? how are you prioritizing and timing your various bills in relation to your cashflow?

    those are questions for the financial advisor you may want to look up and make an appointment with…

    however, blaming the state/method of tax rebate is absolutely an incorrect conclusion for you. and i almost never side with the gov’t… but people need to take responsibility for their own bad judgement IMO.

  14. Thomas Beesley says:

    Dissatisfied. I would have rather gotten a check. You don’t have to go through overwhelmed computer systems to activate a check over the phone, pay to transfer it into your bank account, or wonder about what kind of shady under the table deals were made up at the Capitol to give Chase so much business.

  15. Rob Varnon says:

    Thanks for helping out Karin, all good points. Maybe you should check to see which bank was involved. If the banks know what’s happening, one would guess staff there would be instructed to do as you suggest.

  16. Sarah Kaufman says:

    Ms. Olsen, if you chose to receive your refund via direct deposit, it should have been issued that way. The only reason DRS would send you a debit card instead is if the wrong banking information was included on the return. Also, there is no need to open a new bank account in order to obtain the refund money from the debit card. Individuals can go into any bank associated with Visa and ask for a cash advance for the full amount of the refund. You will get the money for no charge.

  17. karin olsen says:

    I expected direct deposit to my bank which is 1 hr away.I need it to pay my mortgage today.I now have to open another acct. in a new nearby bank,so I can transfer the money to my checking acct. where my mortgage is automatically deducted.This is a big imposition.I feel that this is done so people will spend &/or,forget,or lose the card,which happens,thus the state makes out on the citizens error.
    We should have the choice.