Teen Unemployment Should be a Worry

News reports recently revealed that 24.6 percent of teen-agers don’t have a job. That’s not just summer job-seekers. It’s also recent high school graduates. That number ranks up there with Spain.
And in these difficult economic times, it doesn’t appear that their prospects will be improving soon.
Many will find other ways to support themselves, and that’s not something we can allow as they become takers – not contributors to our economy.
Many of these kids never had good direction or were fortunate to have parents who have the funds to send them to college.
These kids need post-secondary school training to learn a trade and get them kick-started.
Perhaps the Obama administration didn’t go far enough when it initiated efforts to get us out of the economic downturn.
Perhaps it should have looked back to Franklin Roosevelt’s administration and established its own version of the Civilian Conservation Corps, where young people got paid for improving the environment.
The new version could have done that and more to give our unemployed teenagers some job training skills and career direction.
The chance of Congress funding such a program is nil. Too bad because the future of our nation and its economy could be at stake.
The Obama administration should pursue it anyway.
We can’t afford a crippled workforce, and when companies decide to start hiring again they won’t be hiring young people with no job skills.