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: September, 2012

Signs of hope in unemployment and factory pay

The state Labor Department reported Friday, the average weekly pay for factory workers hit a record for the 12-months ended June 30, 2012, rising to $1,046 from $996. That average is used to calculate

Appraiser to pay $7.8 million to settle NY allegations it inflated housing prices for bank

A settlement with one of the nation’s largest appraisal companies indicates some of the jump in home prices during the boom was indeed manufactured by banks looking to hand out loans. New York

Ref who blew Seahawks call is a BofA VP

Bankers have come in for a beating of late, much of it earned, but this is going a bit far. Turns out that the replacement referee most responsible for that disastrously blown call in the Seattle

People’s United will report earnings on Oct. 18

Bridgeport-based People’s United Financial Inc. said Thursday it will release its third quarter financial results on on Oct. 18 at 4 p.m., with a conference call with analysts to follow at 5 p.m. The

Former foe missing Stop & Shop

The Mines got a call today from one of the 179 residents that lives behind the Madison Avenue Stop & Shop in Bridgeport, who wanted to know what’s going into the space. While rumors persist about

Come East young men and women

Last week Gov. Dannel P. Malloy launched phase two of the state’s “Still Revolutionary” campaign, a national marketing campaign highlighting some of Connecticut’s premier companies. The Mines got a

9000 Conn. foreclosure victims might be owed money

Attorney General George Jepsen says Connecticut residents whose homes were taken through a flawed foreclosure process can now fill out an application to get some restitution. Post cards notifying

Connecticut not alone in seeing big employment swings in Aug.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said the District of Columbia and 13 states, including Connecticut, experienced significant changes in employment in August compared to July. State’s with the most

Huge drop in employment has Gov. experts questioning Labor Dept. accuracy

Connecticut’s labor situation took a worse than expected turn in August, showing a loss of 6,800 jobs and a jump of 0.5 percent in the unemployment rate, which now stands at 9 percent. The national

Greenwich presence strong on Forbes 400 list

Greenwich has a near stranglehold on billionaires in Connecticut, based on the 2012 Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, which again showed Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corp., as retaining the