Huge drop in employment has Gov. experts questioning Labor Dept. accuracy

Connecticut’s labor situation took a worse than expected turn in August, showing a loss of 6,800 jobs and a jump of 0.5 percent in the unemployment rate, which now stands at 9 percent.

The national rate was 8.1 percent for August.

The brutal report prompted Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and some economists to question the accuracy of the numbers in the face of recent trends indicating the state was seeing some slow growth.

According to the report, for the year, Connecticut is up only 1,100 jobs.

Losses were most pronounced in Hartford, New Haven and New London metro regions. Bridgeport-Stamford down 400. Danbury went against the tide and added 1,200 jobs for the month.

Average weekly pay dropped to $943.50 from $948.94 the month before and is down $13.69 from a year ago.

Rob Varnon