A 12 Days of Christmas that’s 99 percent less expensive

The figures are in for the 12 Days of Christmas, a whopping $107,300, according to the Associated Press. That’s an increase of 6.1 percent from last year.

Here in the Mines, we realize not everyone is in the tax bracket that can afford the 12 Days, so we offer you another 12 Days of Christmas list courtesy of Bob and Doug McKenzie, famed Canadian philosophers from the Great White North. The McKenzies put their list together more than two decades ago and today, it’s total cost is $409.13, give or take a few bucks. That’s about 99 percent cheaper than the cost of the traditional list. We didn’t include the tree.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the McKenzies, here’s a link to an animated video of their performance:


Here are the items and a cost estimate taken locally in Connecticut and from the web for you to enjoy. Beauty, eh?

Rob Varnon