GE wins uncoveted footnote award for 2012

General Electric captured 40 percent of the vote for worst footnote of 2012 on the popular biz blog, GE, which revealed it was going to pay a former executive more than $80,000 a month for a decade, edged out Texas-based Dell for the win, Monday, according to an official announcement. Check out footnoted’s announcement. [Read More]
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Fiscal Cliff deal in sight

Senate leaders and the President claimed to have seen the shadow of a deal to prevent America from plunging off the fiscal cliff. But then everyone realized it just means we’ll have six more months of gridlock. (It’s a joke based on the ground hog seeing its shadow.) AP reported just after 4 p.m., Congress […] [Read More]

Eliminating assault weapons could cost jobs but save lives

This wasn’t the right Christmas to buy that semi-automatic assault weapon for your loved one. Fresh off the murder of 20 children in Newtown, six school staff members and the crazed killer’s mother, four firefighters were shot and two of them killed in Webster, N.Y., just before Christmas. It is time for Congress to pass […] [Read More]
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Last Call!

Better think ahead if you want to chase your hangover with something from home on New Year’s Day, the package stores will all be closed. The Department of Consumer Protection send out a press release this weekend urging people to get their alcohol before New Year’s Day, to drink responsibly and to not drink and […] [Read More]