Last Call!

Better think ahead if you want to chase your hangover with something from home on New Year’s Day, the package stores will all be closed.

The Department of Consumer Protection send out a press release this weekend urging people to get their alcohol before New Year’s Day, to drink responsibly and to not drink and drive.

As part of its announcement, the DCP said because the doors of the package stores had been pried open on the Sabbath, they would remain closed on New Year’s Day. Not sure why they need to be closed, the Mines is pretty sure the liquor stores still pay rent or taxes on their property on this day. No grocery stores are allowed to sell beer on Tuesday, either. So if they do, please report them after you’ve made a purchase.

And last call for celebrations in bars is 3 a.m. Jan. 1, unless the town has set a different time. Bars and restaurants may open at their normal times on Tuesday.

“I urge everyone to guard against needless tragedy – please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, and don’t serve or provide alcohol to anyone who appears intoxicated or is under the age of 21,” DCP Commissioner William Rubenstein said. “We offer our best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy and safe holiday.”

Rob Varnon