Ruger shares run hot on down day on Wall Street

Shares in Fairfield-based gun maker Sturm Ruger &Company Inc. gained almost 4 percent in Monday trading, despite the Dow’s plunge of more than 100 points. Gun makers saw mixed results Monday. While Ruger gained 3.88 percent to close at $44.23, National Presto Industries was down more than 3 percent to $68.46 and rival Smith and […] [Read More]
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Acme United overcomes Europe’s ills to post record profits

Shares in Fairfield-based Acme United Corp. increased more than 5 percent Friday after the company reported strong U.S. sales help second quarter profit to increase 18 percent despite  problems in Europe. “The results were the best the company has ever achieved,” Walter C. Johnsen, Acme’s chairman and chief executive officer of the company that makes […] [Read More]
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Bridgeport-Stamford suffers mediocre economic recovery

Of the 100 largest metropolitan regions in the U.S., the Bridgeport-Stamford area ranks 57th for the pace of economic recovery since the recession. Brookings rated the metropolitan regions based on improvement on employment and unemployment figures, output in gross metro product and home prices. Bridgeport-Stamford ranked 86th for job recovery, 63rd in unemployment levels, 18th […] [Read More]

State Labor market a mix of hardship and hope

The State Labor Department reported Thursday that Connecticut employers added 1,400 jobs in June raising the number of people with jobs by 8,800 compared to last year. The numbers alone paint an odd picture of growth and hardship, however as more people find jobs at a time when wages have dropped, reflecting what looks like […] [Read More]
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BPA baby bottle ban official, now for soup?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has officially banned BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups after the industry stopped using it. In a federal notice published Tuesday, the FDA said the industry has verified it no longer uses the plastic additive Bisphenol A in those products. Several years ago, the baby products makers were […] [Read More]
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Connecticut among leaders on digital access Census finds

Connecticut households had the fifth highest access to the internet at a time when finding a job and staying in touch with family and friends have become dependent on the world wide web. The Census Bureau reported Monday the results of the 2010 survey on internet access. It said 83 percent of individuals in Connecticut […] [Read More]

NY Fed launched blog tackling evolution of banking

The New York Fed has unveiled a new blog where it is discussing the evolution of banking and regulatory policies. Looks timely and well thought out and should be a conversation piece as we look for impacts from the oft-maligned Dodd-Frank Act. One area that should be interesting is the impact of regulations on what […] [Read More]

Keep your govt. hands off my Nectarine!

A colleague at The Mines recently quipped as he damaged his nectarine pulling off that country of origin sticker, “the presidential candidate that pledges to get rid of these is going to win.” This little complaint got the Mines thinking, why stickers? While it’s true, America’s labeling problem goes deeper than fruit. Everywhere you turn, […] [Read More]