Norwalk-based Southern Air confirms move to Kentucky

Southern Air confirmed this morning, Tuesday, that it will move its headquarters to Northern Kentucky in March.

In a letter to employees, the company said the move put its headquarters and operations closer to its most active market and its biggest customer, DHL express. Management also noted that there were financial advantages to moving out of Connecticut.

Through a spokesman, the air-cargo company said:

“After careful analysis and deliberation, and as part of our ongoing efforts to position Southern Air for the future to best serve our air cargo customers, we expect to relocate our operations and headquarters to Northern Kentucky (the Cincinnati airport, or “CVG”) by March.  Bringing together our operations and corporate activities in a location near our largest hub of activity is part of our financial and strategic plans to operate more effectively and grow our business for the long term.

All employees affected by this planned closure will be treated with fairness and respect, and will be provided support and assistance.”

The company filed a mass-layoff with the Connecticut Labor Department this month saying up to 120 people could lose their jobs. But it noted in the filing some of those workers were being offered position in the new location. However, the notice did not say the firm was shutting down in Connecticut.

Southern Air is going through a Chapter 11 reorganization.

Rob Varnon