First five days of tax season and 1,225 residents have state refunds

More than 15,500 Connecticut residents got the jump on tax season and have already filed their returns, the state Department of Revenue Services said this week.

Tax season officially opened in Connecticut on Jan. 22 and by Jan. 27, the DRS had issued 1,225 refunds. Most were done electronically, according to the department. On Tuesday, the DRS also said the IRS had pushed about 12,000 filings through to the state,  though the IRS is not actually processing federal returns until Jan. 30.

Last year at this time, the DRS said 8,700 people had filed their returns, so people are getting their taxes in early.

This could provide a pop for retail or residents could use it to continue to pay down debt as consumers across the country have been doing for more than a year.

Some Connecticut taxpayers might experience a slight delay in getting their returns as the department has adopted new rules on verifying people’s identities.

But it isn’t like the delay the IRS has experienced this season.

America’s taxman has claimed the fiscal cliff negotiations forced it to delay processing federal tax returns. The IRS was also dealt a legal blow earlier this month when a federal judge ruled it didn’t  have the authority to regulate non cpa, attorney tax preparers. Anyway, the IRS has promised it will eventually send out refunds.

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Rob Varnon