IRS is open for business, sort of

The Internal Revenue Service has opened the 2013 filing season by announcing a variety of enhanced products and services to help taxpayers prepare and file their tax returns.

“This year, taxpayers have until Monday, April 15, to file their 2012 tax returns and pay any tax due,”  said Dianne Besunder the IRS spokeswoman for Connecticut. “The IRS expects to receive more than 147 million individual tax returns nationwide this year including 1.8 million from Connecticut taxpayers,” she said.

The nation’s tax collector got off to a late start this year, after delaying the opening of tax season to update forms and complete programming and testing of its processing system and to reflect new legislation passed by Congress on Jan. 2. The system is not able to take all filings and people claiming education credits can’t submit their forms until mid-February and those claiming depreciation deductions, energy credits and many business credits will be able to file in late February or early March, the agency said.

For more information on what kinds of filers have to wait, visit the IRS website.

Rob Varnon