Monopoly gets cat-scratch fever for new piece

Rhode Island-based Hasbro made it official Wednesday, the iron is out and the cat is in as the new game piece for the iconic game.

The company held a vote on Facebook to pick the new piece and the cat beat out a number of entries including the helicopter, though it didn’t look like it was a Sikorsky aircraft. In the meantime, voting to protect other pieces from the scrap heap left Scotty the dog solidly in play.  The iron, however, found its way to the scrap heap. Seems nobody irons any more.

Hasbro releases its fourth quarter and full-year earnings for 2012 on Thursday. The company, however, provided a peek at them in late January, reporting full-year revenue was down to $4.09 billion from $4.29 billion in 2011.

Rob Varnon