Park City won’t be flushed away in April

Good news Bridgeport, come April, there’s a solid chance someone will be running the sewage treatment plants.

Mayor Bill Finch’s office said this week the Water Pollution Control Authority has a winning bidder for the city’s two sewage plants, but is still doing due diligence on the award. The city says the winner is Severn Trent, a company founded in the United Kingdom. It manages and operates water and waste water treatment plants in multiple states today.

That’s good to hear. While Bridgeport was a mess after the recent blizzard, imagine the mess if no one was there to manage this system.

This week, KGI Bridgeport, which is part of the U.K.-based Kelda Group, told the state its contract to operate the sewage treatment plant has been terminated and in April, it will terminate its 99 workers.

This is not a surprise nor is it an unusual filing for a business coming to the end of a 10-year contract. And it doesn’t mean the workers will actually lose their jobs. You see, Bridgeport’s Water Pollution Control Authority advertised the 10-year sewage treatment contract back in December of 2011, and the contract calls for the new operator to hire existing workers, in most cases. There might be some changes in management, but the workers who open and shut valves and make sure things flow properly are supposed to keep their jobs.

Rob Varnon