Nestle Waters and Zephyr sign five-year contract

Nestle Waters North America has granted a five-year manufacturing contract to Zephyr Fluid Solutions of Newtown. Zephyr will provide the display and transportation racks to be used in Nestle Water’s Direct trucks, which organize and carry packs of bottled water, including Nestle’s Poland Spring, Pure Life, Perrier and S. Pelligrino products, to homes and offices. As a result of this contract, Zephyr plans to hire additional manufacturing personnel and engineers.

Nestle Waters and Zephyr Fluid Solutions have had existing business for three years, with Zephyr supplying Nestle Waters with products to support the growth of three and five-gallon bottles. The new five-year contract will build on and expand this working relationship, according to Zephyr.

We are focused on growing our manufacturing capabilities in Connecticut in a very difficult economic environment,” Patrick Wind, president of Zephyr Fluid Solutions, said in a statement. “This contract with Nestlé Waters demonstrates the viability of manufacturing here in Connecticut. We invested in this facility nearly two years ago with the expectation that we could achieve this level of growth.”

Nestlé Waters North America, based in Stamford, is the third largest non-alcoholic beverage company by volume in the U.S, according to the company. Zephyr Fluid Solutions is part of the Wind Group of Companies, along with Windmade Products, Zephyr Lock and Wind Hardware & Engineering.

Olivia Just