ReedPOP partners with Oz Comic-Con

ReedPOP, a global producer of pop culture events, is partnering with Oz Comic-Con, developer of pop culture conventions in Australia that will add all five of Oz Comic-Con’s shows into the ReedPOP portfolio. Including its partnership with Oz Comic-Con, ReedPOP’s events now reach 600,000 attendees, welcome 3,000 exhibitors, showcase 2,000 guests and occupy 4 million gross square feet across 15 conventions on four continents.
Since ReedPOP’s first event in 2006, the sold-out New York Comic Con, the group has sought to dually produce exceptional experiences for passionate audiences and grow the industries surrounding these passions, according to the company, which said this philosophy has led to burgeoning attendance, the support of major creators and publishers, and partnerships with leading entertainment brands including Lucasfilm (Star Wars Celebration), UFC (UFC Fan Expo) and Penny Arcade (PAX).
ReedPOP’s global events have been set in London, Germany and Singapore. The company planted its biggest global flag to date last year with the launch of PAX Australia — bringing the U.S.’s largest consumer video game festival to the continent with a sold-out event in Melbourne and creating a full-time ReedPOP office in Sydney.
Since its creation in 2012 by DCA Enterprises, Oz Comic-Con has brought local creators and international celebrities together with devoted audiences, building a thriving event series that has welcomed 90,000 fans in 2013 and now spans Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Oz Comic-Con into ReedPOP,” Lance Fensterman, ReedPOP’s global senior vice president, said in prepared comments. “Whether you’re in New York, London, or Melbourne, fans are collecting, consuming and celebrating popular culture, and now together with Oz Comic-Con, we’ll be able to better serve them than either of us could do alone. With Oz Comic-Con’s local expertise and ReedPOP’s global relationships and knowledge, we’ll be building Oz Comic-Con into the kind of events Australia’s never seen before.”
ReedPOP’s relationship with Oz Comic-Con will see its Australian office further expand to take on Oz Comic-Con’s five businesses in collaboration with creators and current producers, DCA Enterprises, and strategic support from ReedPOP’s New York Comic Con team in the USA.
“Our partnership with ReedPOP elevates Oz Comic-Con within the competitive international market, truly putting Australia on the map for pop culture events and opening the door for remarkable opportunities that will carry on through to our attendees, supporters, guests and exhibitors,” said Rand Ratinac, director of DCA Enterprises, in prepared comments.
ReedPOP’s relationship with Oz Comic-Con will begin at Oz Comic-Con’s upcoming Perth and Adelaide events, and ReedPOP looks to further bolster its reach with additional domestic and international announcements in the coming year. The organizer is actively exploring new projects throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.
“Last year’s PAX Australia went beyond our wildest expectations, and we look forward to that fun, love and community continuing at Oz Comic-Con,” Bernadette Neumann, ReedPOP Australia event director, said in prepared comments. “We’re excited to blend New York Comic Con’s experience with DCA’s understanding of the local market, something that’s unprecedented in Australia and in the pop culture world at large.”