Crius Energy launches Citra Solar, new solar brand

Crius Energy, Stamford-based provider of electricity, natural gas and solar products to residential and commercial customers, has launched launch a stand-alone solar brand, Citra SolarT, to focus on the solar sector and complement the company’s portfolio of energy brands, product offerings and distribution channels.
Initially, Citra SolarT services will be offered to customers of Frontier Communications, a Stamford-based marketing partner of Crius Energy.
The launch of Citra Solar follows on Crius Energy’s introduction of solar services in September 2013 through its network marketing distribution channel, which continues to expand.
Residential solar adoption continues to grow across the U.S., according to the company, with solar representing the second-largest type of new energy generation capacity added in 2013, second to natural gas.
“We are confident that this distinctive new addition to the Crius family of brands will allow us to accomplish three goals: leverage our existing distribution channels to reach more customers, increase our total volume of solar capacity sold and increase our margin per solar customer through a more integrated solar offering,” said CEO Michael Fallquist, in prepared  comments. “Solar will play an important role in the generation of power in the decades to come.”
Crius Energy plans to use direct marketing efforts to expand the brand’s presence in its solar markets, which include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Oregon and Texas.