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United Rentals pumps up workforce

United Rentals added 650 employees to its total workforce last year, giving it 12,500 in all as its CEO Michael Kneeland described as “upbeat” the customers that lease its equipment and vehicles for

Small businesses in Connecticut shrink employment

Businesses with fewer than 20 employees saw employment shrink by.12 percent last month, according to Intuit, a financial management company catering to small businesses. The firm came out today with

Unemployed will take a 19.2 percent paycut

Unemployment checks for some Connecticut residents will be a little lighter come June, when sequestration takes a bite out of emergency benefits. The State Labor Department said emergency unemployment

Conn. tweaks collective bargaining rules

New tweaks in collective bargaining rights in the state could force employers to post notices in break rooms announcing when employees can vote in a union. The State Labor Department is holding a

Connecticut gained 2,600 jobs in March, unemployment rate holds at 8 percent

The State Labor Department reported a gain of 2,600 jobs in March, with strong showings in construction and health care. Employers added 2,900 construction jobs and more than 2,000 jobs in health care

Warnaco to cut 208 jobs in Milford after PVH acquisition

Warnaco filed a mass layoff notice with the state recently that says it will cut 208 jobs at its Milford operation. The company owns the Speedo, Van Heusen, Arrow and a variety of other clothing

Push for minimum wage hikes: Prelude to wage inflation or labor unrest?

This weekend the Mines has dug into the minimum wage hike issue, leaving the tailings for readers to think about and hopefully discuss. Ten states raised the minimum wage this year. Almost a dozen,

Construction hiring threatened by Fed cuts

Construction companies added jobs in 35 states in February creating 48,000 jobs nationally, the largest one-month gain in nearly six years, according to an analysis by the Associated General

Feds didn’t count 16,300 workers in Connecticut last year

Gov. Dannel Malloy gets to say one of the most satisfying phrases in the English language today, “I told you so.” The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has revised its estimates for Connecticut

Unemployed lose 10 weeks of pay in Connecticut

The Connecticut Labor Department posted a notice this week that the number of available weeks of unemployment insurance benefits has been cut by 10. Regular unemployment benefits are typically only