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State’s refund debit card plan works: People reject it for direct deposit

Connecticut’s taxman must be a fan of B.F. Skinner . The State Department of Revenue said 79 percent of tax refunds paid out this year were directly deposited into taxpayers’ accounts. That’s up 24

Do mill rate hikes affect where families or biz locate?

Bridgeport is pondering a 2.5 mill rate hike for the next fiscal year, which could add $400 bucks to the average home owner’s bill and $981 to a business’ tax bill. Yet prices for homes in Bridgeport

Entrenched in underground economy, man goes to jail

This item from Justice came out Monday. It’s another example of the law unearthing underground economic activity. One of the contributing factors to the decline in the state’s labor force in the last

IRS says it might owe $13 million to Connecticut taxpayers

The IRS says an estimated 12,100 Connecticut taxpayers who failed to file their 2009 returns are about to lose about $13 million in refunds. By law, taxpayers can claim their refunds within three

Car tax argument slams into property taxes

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed to get rid of the car tax and cities and towns are up in arms over the loss of revenue, with a few saying they will just make up the missing funds with higher property

IRS finishes tech upgrades: You can now file your taxes

Just 63 days into 2013 and the IRS says it can now accept all tax return filings for 2012. The IRS said it was updating its tax-processing systems and has finally finished the job, allowing for all

Swiss working with IRS to find hidden American money

Could this be a boon to mattress makers? (You know, because people will have to hide money in them instead of offshore accounts.) In case you were thinking of hiding money offshore in Switzerland,

IRS is open for business, sort of

The Internal Revenue Service has opened the 2013 filing season by announcing a variety of enhanced products and services to help taxpayers prepare and file their tax returns. “This year, taxpayers

First five days of tax season and 1,225 residents have state refunds

More than 15,500 Connecticut residents got the jump on tax season and have already filed their returns, the state Department of Revenue Services said this week. Tax season officially opened in

Congress drops storm aid, but raises taxes on areas hit hardest by Sandy

Congress voted this week to raise taxes on an estimated 153,000 families living in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, but failed to grant federal aid to deal with the damages from Superstorm Sandy,