Teens and Nutrition: An Oxymoron?

It’s bound to happen; Our kids are growing up and starting to make decisions for themselves. They stay out too late, hang out with the wrong crowd and eat the wrong foods. As the Household CEO, it is our job to help keep them on track. We can at least try to guide them towards healthy eating.

Children ages 11 through college are at a sensitive age, most are very worried about how they look. Hold tight moms, there’s a solution to good nutrition through the teen years and well into college and adulthood. Dina Khader, expert nutritionist and owner of The Khader Center, helps her patients manage their weight loss goals through a revolutionary, Blood/Genome test.

Working with your blood type, Ms Khader advises which foods to stop eating to speed up metabolism. Your body and physiology are unique to you. They were built from a code written in your DNA, entirely unlike any other. Discovering what is unique about you, is the key to finding a weight control program that is right for you. The Khader Center recently expanded, now has a practice area focused solely on teen nutrition and its hurdles, concentrating on both weight loss for better health and weight gain for increased stamina and ultimate performance.
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For more information please visit the Khader Center’s website at www.dinakhader.com. Dina welcomes you to stop by for an appointment in her Mount Kisco office, at 4 Smith Avenue Mt. Kisco, NY.

Devon Fleming