How to park at the arena without going crazy

There's ways to ease traffic jam headaches

If there was one thing we could change about Webster Bank Arena, it would be making it easier to park without sitting in traffic on event nights. (We’d also like The Rolling Stones to play here, but that’s a whole different challenge). We always hear complaints from patrons coming to a big concert or game that the exit off Interstate 95 to the arena is jammed with cars and they were late getting into the building.

We sympathize and explain that we can’t change how the highway is designed or where we are located. The Bridgeport Police Department does an outstanding job keeping the traffic flowing as quickly as possible, but bottlenecks are created as cars come down the I-95 off ramps and wait to get into the parking lots and parking garage.

One of our biggest concerts in years, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, is here on Tuesday, Dec. 4 and we’d love to get everyone into their seat on time. Here’s some tips on making that happen.

– If you can, leave early for the show. Rock legend Patti Smith and a talented band called Everest is opening the concert. Traffic starts to build on the highway around 6 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm. A few minutes of standing around or hanging out in your parked car beats being stuck on the off ramp as precious minutes tick by.

– Use Route 8. The best way to beat I-95 is not to use I-95. If you’re coming from points north, take Route 8 to downtown Bridgeport. Police will direct you to the nearest lot.

– Use local roads. If you’re coming from Fairfield, for instance, take Park Avenue into downtown Bridgeport and use Main Street to get to the arena. That way, you’ve bypassed the off-ramp bottleneck.

There’s no perfect solution to the traffic issue. Use a little creativity and try some alternatives, and you’ll be watching when Neil Young walks onto the stage.

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