Doing Our Part, With A Smile

dentalThe first people are expected to line up Thursday afternoon, June 6, more than 12 hours before the arena’s doors open. They will most likely be desperate for something that has become out of reach for millions of Americans.
Basic dental care.
The Connecticut Mission of Mercy free dental clinic on June 7-8 will bring more than 2,000 people to the arena. By the time the event is over, more than $1.3 million worth of free dental care will have been provided, thanks to the donated time and skill of 1,600 dentists and volunteers.
The arena’s parent company, Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment, is also helping. The CTMOM event has grown larger since it started six years ago. A big venue is needed, but big venues cost a lot to rent. For a nonprofit group like CTMOM that relys on corporate sponsorships and donations, a rental fee would blow a big hole in the budget.
So we are waiving the rental fee. We like making money as much as the next guy, but there’s a time when you do your part for the community. In the past several months, the arena has helped a promoter hold a sold out free concert, A Night of Hope & Healing, after the Sandy Hook tragedy. The Chowdafest food expo at the arena raised money for the Connecticut Food Bank.
The CTMOM clinic is amazing in scope. Last year, in Danbury, 10,399 dental procedures were performed, including 924 extractions and 1,275 fillings and crowns. Of the 2,008 patients, 905 had not seen a dentist in more than two years and 1,727 did not have dental insurance. The youngest patient was 1. The oldest was 86.
Doors open Friday and Saturday at 6:00 am. And when we close down each night, we expect to see a lot of smiles walking out the door.

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