The continuing adventures of Rick DiPietro

Rick DiPietro arrived in full Rick DiPietro style, stopping pucks, ticked off when he didn’t, returning right back to stopping them again. Shot a puck the length of the ice into the goal (all the more impressive because Scott Munroe, his attention focused on the drill going on to his right, was in that net). […] [Read More]

Double bonus

The Katic/No. 71 question in the post earlier today drew this from a certain reader going by “Jason C.”: Straying off topic slightly, Katic will be the third player ever to wear #71 in the AHL All-Star Game… The other two are a former Sound Tiger (although he didn’t wear 71 in Bridgeport) and a […] [Read More]

There goes the planet

No additional Sound Tigers on the PlanetUSA team. By the numbers, not a stunner. None of Bridgeport’s top-three eligible forwards has 20 points, which is the lowest total for a PUSA forward, and even those three are Gerbe (voted a starter with some NHL time holding the numbers down), Mink (captain) and Fritsche (Syracuse’s lone […] [Read More]

Delayed livechat

Practice is later than usual Tuesday, so we’ll start up the weekly chat (yep, should be weekly from now on) around 3:30. Edit: We could maybe talk about Mark Katic, Canadian AHL All-Star. Edit2: We’re in computer transition, as you may have noticed… I’m gonna give this a whirl anyway, but we’ll see what happens. […] [Read More]
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Here you come again

Katie Strang reports behind a pay wall (well, tweets, too) that Rick DiPietro is expected to come back for a game with the Sound Tigers this weekend. More later [Read More]
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Trivia Time 2009

Edit: Answers are now here, after you’ve played. Just like last year at this time, the paper broke out a Pop Quiz for the readers again this year. It’s in today’s paper. I sent in a couple of questions: Sesame Street Live had booked the Arena at Harbor Yard for mid-April, so the Bridgeport Sound […] [Read More]

2009 trivia answers

Can’t believe the backdating and below-the-folding worked on the first try. Between this and the liveblogchat that didn’t go all Hamster Huey, I’m starting to think our Web system actually works. Anyway, the questions sent for the paper were assumed to be somewhat easier for the regulars here, what with the Nassau Coliseum visit (thanks […] [Read More]
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On to Vancouver

Mattias Weinhandl was named to Sweden’s Olympic roster. A little Sunday reading, if you hadn’t seen it already: Joe Posnanski’s 5,000 Words on Strat-o-Matic. Mike Vaccaro on the end of Giants Stadium. He’s right. You think of Giants Stadium, you think cold and wind and vicious defenses taking advantage. The facility itself? I dunno. I […] [Read More]
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