Four times trailing in the third period. Four shrugs. Four wins in six days, and the Bears are halfway home. Perreault ties it five seconds sooner than the infamous tying goal; presumably last contact was below the crossbar this time. And that ends the River Rats era. A fine beginning; the second act was a […] [Read More]
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Second-string D? No problem

The Bears refuse to go quietly even once. Down to five defensemen, with Helmer tossed after two periods for a scrum that inclued an almost-goalie fight, with Karl Alzner on recall, with three of their five playing who didn’t start the Bridgeport series, they come back three times and beat Albany, 6-5, in Game 3. […] [Read More]

TU: Lowell to Albany/livechat/other stuff

Pete Dougherty posted late tonight that the Devils have provided the Albany County civic center committee a letter of intent to move the Lowell Devils franchise to Albany. It’s a reported five-year commitment, though there’s finalizing to come. In Rosemont, Pete Mannino needed only 15 saves, but it sounded like a few were tough ones […] [Read More]

Just being a twit

@spbowley’s threatened forthcoming Twitterguide got me wondering (somehow) what it would have looked like if we’d been tweeting before 2009…. 1998: Beast 3, Hartford 0 after two. GREAT start for New Haven. 1999: They’re gonna finish this NC-NDF game tomorrow? Tomorrow? After three overtimes? There’s no postponements in hockey!!! 2000: Bridgeport gets an _AHL_ team? […] [Read More]
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Team photo catch-up

Hanging out in the hallway in the Sound Tigers’ dressing room has reminded me over the course of the year that we fell behind in our Guide to the Team Pictures. It also reminded me that Mark Wotton kept up a neat streak this year: He has alternated sides of the picture over his four […] [Read More]

Wrap-up stuff

Programming note: We’ll have one more live chat at the regular time, Tuesday at 1:30, before shifting to a summer schedule (TBA). Be here. Beyond the official wrap story, here are some selections from other interviews around the room on Thursday and Friday: JEREMY REICH The broken wrist. The broken collarbone. A rough first half. […] [Read More]
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Notes from the first day of the rest of our lives

–Mark Wotton, caught as he was leaving the barn early this afternoon, said what he has said all along, that he’s still a player. He wouldn’t comment on any conversations he may or may not have had with the Sound Tigers about returning. He also produced all kinds of good stuff that I think will […] [Read More]

Commercial break

No endorsement is implied. In fact, we’ll obscure the company reference just on principle. It’s just that Trevor Smith will be an unrestricted free agent, and just in case, we’ve got to preserve this while we can. —- (Trevor Smith skates to the bench after a shift; finds four urchins enjoying water ice. Smith breathes […] [Read More]
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